The Westhaven Foundation is an independent nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 2007 by the residents of Westhaven with support from Southern Land Company to promote lifelong learning, leadership, preservation, philanthropy and environmental awareness within Westhaven and the greater Franklin community. The Foundation complements the activities and programs in the community; however, it functions entirely independent from the Westhaven Homeowners Association and Southern Land Company.

Designed to nurture a strong sense of community while enhancing the quality of life of Westhaven families and the surrounding community, the Foundation is under the stewardship of a Board of Trustees and Advisory Boards, comprised of volunteers from Westhaven and leaders from the surrounding community.

The Foundation follows in the footsteps of many other outstanding residential communities throughout the country. These communities include Celebration in Celebration, Florida; Spring Island in Beaufort, South Carolina; Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland; and Seaside in Seaside, Florida. These highly successful community foundations have demonstrated great value, becoming a catalyst for a better life, as well as a great source of personal and community pride for the residents.

The Foundation is supported by a community enhancement fee, commonly known as a transfer fee, which is assessed upon the buyer with the sale of each home. The fee builds a permanent endowment to preserve and enhance the quality of life for future generations. Earnings from the endowment, along with generous support from residents and the developer, will allow The Westhaven Foundation to make a significant immediate impact early in it history.